our team

Laura A Coats

CEO & Website Manager

Laura has 15+ years experience in the art and design world.
She has a degree in Fine Art from York St John
and in 2013 was co-winner of the A.M.P Drawing Prize.
She loves animals (especially monkeys and alpacas),
retro gaming and the colour blue in every hue.

Our Team

Dylan Jackson

Artist Administrator
& Marketing Manager

Dylan Jackson is a techno-wizard
and has MA in Art and Design from Leeds Beckett.
He also once dressed as a gorilla at a friend's art show to
compensate for them being unable to walk at the time.
Basically Dylan is our creative hero!
Dylan especially likes gaming and fidget toys.


Pet Pawtraits Online came about when Laura was looking for a decent dedicated website
for pet portrait artists to get commissions from.
After scrolling through several pages of Google search and finding none:  the idea was born.